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Surveys and Valuations

We undertake valuation work including high value individual properties in prime central locations, affordable housing, and large scale UK-wide portfolios.

RICS Homebuyer Survey

This is a detailed inspection of the property and easy-to-understand survey report, highlighting urgent and important matters requiring your attention.

Valuation Report

This is a limited check on the property from a surface inspection that advises on the value of the house and the insurance reinstatement cost. Mortgage lenders require this to ensure the property value is worth the money it is lending.

In order to protect your investment you will need to cover your property against all insurable risks to the full replacement cost, including the cost of clearing the site after complete destruction, and taking into consideration all professionals’ fees.

It is important to remember that the replacement cost is not necessarily the same as the market value of the property or the price you paid for it! If you under insure your building you could fall victim to the insurers averaging - you will not get the full amount of any claim so the replacement value needs to be accurately calculated.

You can get an accurate insurance valuation if you go to the Association of British Insurers (ABI) Building Costs Calculator for home owners. In the case of old, listed, thatched or other specialist properties we recommend you obtain a professional insurance valuation from a chartered building surveyor. In the case of commercial property it is always advisable to obtain a professional valuation.

Always obtain permission in writing from your mortgage lender, your insurer and your landlord (leasehold property) before you let your property to tenants. This is very important as your insurance cover could be invalid if you fail to do this.


Whether you are a Landlord or a Tenant, we can advise on valuations, lease negotiations and agency.


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